Winds Of Tomorrow (Single)

01. Winds Of Tomorrow Year: 2015
  Type: Signle
  Digital Format: Download for Free

Change Of Time

01. Northern Lights Year: 2014
02. Born Once Again Type: Album
03. Point Of No Return  
04. Perfect Fantasy Digital & Physical Format


05. Beauty Queen
06. Winter Poem
07. Change Of Time
08. Love Lies
09. Words Left Forgotten

Point Of No Return (EP)

01. Point Of No Return Year: 2012
02. Point Of No Return (Demo Version) Type: EP
03. Turn Back Time  
04. Silent Voices (Piano Version)
Notes: Digital Download

Turn Back Time (EP)

01. Turn Back Time Year: 2012
02. Silent Voices (Piano Version) Type: EP


01. Silent Voices Year: 2011
02. Hold On Forever Type: Debut
03. Echoes In The Shadows Paypal:

04. Loneliness
05. The Light On Your Way
06. Beauty Of A Lie
07. Endless Flight
08. Serenity
09. Illusion

Silent Voices (Promo)

01. Silent Voices Year: 2008
02. Echoes In The Shadows Type: Promo
03. Hold On Forever  

Developed by Jason "Ripper" Kasioptas
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