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Awake Before The Dawn  


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Special Offer #1
"Awake Before The Dawn"

Special Offer #2
"Awake Before... Of Time"

Digital Format:



Including: Poster, Autograph & Sticker!
Limited Time Offer



"Awake Before The Dawn" and "Change Of Time"
Limited Time Offer

Those who're living in Athens, you can contact us at [email protected] in order to receive your physical copy straight away!

Special Offer #3

It's been 10 years already since the very first release of the band back in 2008!
So, we are celebrating this special occasion with a unique offer, a wooden10th Anniversary Boxset.
This Boxset contains the entire discography of Secret Illusion plus some extra goodies and "Secret" gifts for you!

The wooden box is custom made by Paul McDermott (The Albayr Woodshop), exclusively for Secret Illusion's 10th Anniversary. It is a hand crafted pine box, finished with a walnut stain and spray varnish and engraved logo on the lid.

How can you purchase this Boxset and how much it costs?

First, you must send an email at [email protected] and declare your interest on purchasing the boxset.
After that, you will be asked to validate your order proceeding to the payment via PayPal.
(Orders will be processed on a first come first served basis, by the time the order is VALIDATED).

The Boxset comes in LIMITED QUANTITY, so there will be only 8 PIECES available for the first 8 people who will place and validate an order. The box, as we mentioned, is custom made, so the delivery date may vary between 1-2 weeks by the time the order was validated.

The price for the Boxset is : 75 + shipping costs
(you will get informed about the shipping costs to your country, once you declare your interest in the first place)




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Digital Format



 Important Notice:
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Jason "Ripper" Kasioptas
2011 Secret Illusion