To be announced - Vocals

Filippos Papakyriakou - Guitars, Music Arrangements

Evmenios Poulias - Keyboards, Music Arrangements


Secret Illusion as a thought existed for too many years…

As a band, SI took form somewhere in the middle of 2007 in the city of Athens, Greece. The beginning was when Filippos (guitars) and Chris (drums) met and decided to start a project, based on their common influences of power metal and the melodic scene of metal/rock music in general.

At 2008 the first demo of the band, called “Silent Voices”, was released and a few months later they started working on their 1st album. The album was recorded between September 2009 & summer 2010 at Basement Studios and it was mixed / mastered by Dion Christodoulatos at CFN Studios in Athens. After sending out a lot of promotional packages around the world, in 2011 they were signed by Rising Records (UK) and they released their 1ST album “Illusion” (2011). “Illusion” received some great reviews, all over the world, and proved to be an excellent start for the band!

Following this a significant change in the band’s line up took place! Singer TassosK left the band, due to musical differences, and was subsequently replaced by Dimitris Giannakopoulos! The band, wanting to promote some new material with Dimitris on vocals, released one special EP called “Turn back time” (2012), featuring the brand new title track, plus a very interesting piano/orchestral version of Silent voices, the fan-favourite track from “Illusion”!! This version turned out to be quite popular with fans, almost overnight!The band released one more EP within 2012, called “Point of no return”.

After that, Secret Illusion entered the studio to record their 2nd album and now return with a new offering entitled “Change Of Time”, containing 8 brand new tracks plus “Point Of No Return” from the 2012 EP release. “Change Of Time” was produced by Nigel Foxxe and Filippos Papakyriakou and mixed/mastered by Nigel Foxxe at The Foxxe’s Lair in Athens, features the guest appearance of Spyros Lambrou’s Children’s Choir on two of the tracks and the artwork of the album is, once more, the work of Thass Jillion!

On June 28th 2013, SI was the opening act for STRATOVARIUS at Gagarin 205 in Athens! That was the biggest moment for the band so far and also a great honour! SI won over the crowd that night (over 650 people) and reports on the show were exceptional!!! “One of the best and most professional live Greek bands I have seen”, “When they performed the song Silent Voices, things got wild and the crowd at Gagarin Club had been singing the song, in its entirety, along with the band!!”, “Unbelievable singer…”!!! Certainly a night to remember!!!

At 2015 and after some new changes at the band’s line up, SI released a brand new digital single, called “Winds of Tomorrow”, with Evmenios Poulias behind the keyboards and the unbelievable Vasilis Axiotis on vocals this time! After that, the two main composers, Filippos and Evmenios, entered their personal studio to create the new album of the band. After 2 years of recording and mixing process, SI signed a brand new contract with Lion Music and are about to unleash their 3rd full length album entitled “Awake Before the Dawn”, which will be released on Feb 1st, 2018.

Apart from that, SI have performed many gigs alongside great domestic and foreign bands such as Phantom X, Spitfire, Wardrum and many more and they also had a special (for the band) live appearance on the most famous TV show in Greece, Radio Arvyla, back in 2009!!! At 2011 they performed live on TV once again, for the show “Escape”!

They have also filmed 3 official video clips for the songs “Silent Voices”, “Beauty of a lie” & “Born Once Again” for the promotion of “Illusion” & “Change of Time”.

To be continued...





Developed by Jason "Ripper" Kasioptas
2011 Secret Illusion