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1. How the name “Secret Illusion” came up?

“Actually the name I had in my mind, long before the formation of the band, was ILLUSION. After I did a research for the availability, I found out that it’s a common name, used by many other bands around the world, from all kinds of music. But I was still stuck with ILLUSION!! And there it happened…! One day, talking with a good friend of mine and the band, he came up with the idea…SECRET ILLUSION!! I really liked it from the beginning and here we are today! I still believe it was a great idea, sounds very melodic and fits with our music!!!”

2. Which was the first song you ever composed for the band?

“I remember clearly that it was “Silent voices”. I composed it when I was 20 years old, in a small apartment at Nea Smyrni, Athens where I was living back then. I think that someone can easily figure it out by observing the anarchic and non-experienced structure of the composition. I never wanted to change anything though, I liked it that way, reminding me how it all started! It still remains a fan-favourite tune!!!”

3. What is the composing process, how you start building a song?

“Most of the times, I have a simple melody in my mind, that probably will end up as main theme or vocal line. I start adding the basic instruments alongside the melody, extending the track to a complete tune, with start/end. However, I cannot achieve it all the times…I have also many half-completed tracks and ideas, waiting to come up in the future! To build a track and put down any ideas I have, I ALWAYS use Guitar Pro.”

4. Is there a song on it that you would say is more about emotion and less about the music?

“I think that music comes from emotions and feelings. The deepest and well-hidden things inside our souls can be revealed through notes. For me, music and emotion was always one thing, united and combined. But if I had to choose one song from each album, I would choose "Serenity", "Winter Poem" of course and “Awake Before the Dawn”. Especially "Winter Poem" is a really special song for me."

5. What is the story behind the song “Beauty of a lie”?

“Although that seems to hide a real love story behind it, actually is a fantasy story but based in real life, everyday life and things that happen to everyone all around us. It has to do with common cases, where someone desires so much another person but for some reason cannot be together! This is when you wish your fantasies to become reality and the -angels- to be real!”

Developed by Jason "Ripper" Kasioptas
2011 Secret Illusion