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04 Mar. 2013 - Rockway Interview!
Rockway: Secret Illusion Interview

By Giannis Fragkos for Rockway.gr

After "Illusion" in 2011 and two (!) EP’s after that, Greek power metallers are preparing for the next big step in 2013. Filippos, guitarist and founding member of the band, gives us some interesting information about the happenings in Secret Illusion ...

Hi Filippos! You want to start to give me a brief biography of the band?

The band formed in 2007 by my self and Chris (Drums). Since then, we have released a promo (Silent voices 2008), two EP’s (Turn back time & Point of no return) and a full length album in 2011, Illusion, which was released from Rising Records (UK). Several live performances, several changes in the line up ...and here we are today, keep going!

What are your biggest influences?

Mainly melodic/power metal scene, from the early 90’s until today. For me personally, classical music it’s also a great influence! I always liked the feeling, the glorious sound! For that, I always try to incorporate elements of classical music to Secret Illusion material.

You agree that maturity comes to composition with constructive assimilation of influences of every musician? If so, to what extent do you think you have accomplished so far?

Certainly when intelligently handle your influences, you will succeed sooner or later to create a personal sound, whether you do it successfully or not. "Illusion" has obvious influences, I never hid it, but it doesn’t falls into the 'trap' of copying and I still feel that it was an honest and nice power metal album! Nevertheless, the personal sound of Secret Illusion is something that we still built and signs will be seen more clearly in the upcoming release, our 2nd album!

The EP opened our appetite! When can we expect the main course and what differences can we expect?

The recordings started 3-4 months ago...this very moment, we are in phase I record guitars. The differences with “Illusion” are plenty! Initially there will be many orchestral parts, which I like a lot as I said above and this mood was evident from the orchestral version of Silent voices, which was released in 2012. From there onwards, there are several prog elements, but also large differences in the arrangements and the sound of the band! Nevertheless, the overall result will not change the "image" so much as it seems from my words ... listening to any of the new tracks, you will easily understand that it is Secret Illusion. I personally think that the new material is better than what we've released so far, and every time I listen one of the new pieces, this feeling becomes more intense! The new work, hopefully, will come out in 2013!

Tell us about the cooperation with I.Tsakiraki! Quite frankly, the result was very remarkable, there is the prospect to be heard at a future job?

Iliana is a great voice, I knew her for a long time and she’s always told me how much she loved this song! When we decided to make this different version (for the song Silent voices), she was the first that came to my mind and she accepted immediately! The result was amazing, sounds perhaps the most beautiful track of the band so far and maybe in the future we’ll cross our paths again, you never know!

Greek scene and economic crisis. How do you see your future in this context?

Unfortunately I have come to the following terms... a Greek band to succeed needs: disposition, talent, connections, public relations and most importantly, robust wallet! This also applies to some countries abroad, but I refer exclusively to the Greek scene ... If you don’t have something of these, you have a problem... but if you don’t have the last one which is necessary, then you cannot move farther! It has nothing to do with talent... nothing is given for free anymore! We unfortunately belong to the category of bands with very small budget, the obligations of the band come out with great difficulty and as the situation deteriorates around us, we cannot manage even the basic obligations, something which is already happening lately and I know that many other bands are in the same situation! The only thing we are lucky about is that we have 4-5 people around us, good friends who help the band, cause they love our music but also what they do!

The feedback from the fans, inside and outside Greece?

“Illusion” was well received by many countries... I remember that reviews came from all over Europe but also had a nice resonance in South America, in countries known for their love of the melodic metal! This impact can be seen clearly in the official pages of the band! Nevertheless, with the new album, we want something more, the name of the band to be heard but also to reach into new markets, such as Japan, which I think is appropriate for the sound of the band!

Which bands you appreciate, of both the Greek and the global scene? If you had the opportunity which would you choose for a tour?

From the Greek scene definitely Firewind and what they have achieved, but also bands like InnerWish, Suicidal Angels, Wardrum ... There are also many new bands that have not yet released their first album, but definitely worth the fate of the above! If I have to choose one, would be surely Wings in Motion! On the global scene, where to begin ... definitely the "good old" Stratovarius, Symphony X, Royal Hunt, Edguy / Avantasia, Kamelot, Nocturnal Rites, Sonata Arctica and many more! If I’d choose one of them to go on tour, certainly at this point would be Symphony X!

Thank you, the last lines of yours for anything you want to mention.

I wish everyone to have patience, calmness and a life, beautiful and creative, now that we still have the opportunity!

* You can also read this interview in Greek, by simply clicking the following link: Rockway Interview *

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